OK folks, here it is at last: The Chuffin Cat Blog.  By popular demand.

If you like cats with attitude, demented chickens and doolally kids, then look no further.

For years I have entertained family and friends with inane mutterings about what goes on in my life: fun and laughter with a smattering of silliness.  After much pushing and shoving from those lovely people, I have finally set up a blog to record my random ramblings.

My motto?  No matter what life throws at you, bat it away with a laugh or a chuckle.  If life slings you a cat’s arse, write about it.  In a blog. (Preferably with a cup of tea and a large bar of chocolate to hand).

So take 5 minutes and have a peruse   If you like what you read, why not click the ‘follow’ button and become an official ‘Chuffit’.  Oh, and tell all your friends about it too.  You know the chuffin cat deserves no less.

Enjoy! 😀chuffin cat in a box

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Net

    Brilliant. What great memories of a truely unique feline character. I’m sure she’s climbing heavenly trees and giving a wide birth to angelic chickens after a wonderful life with you all. Here’s to pets & how lucky we are to be adopted by them for however long we have!

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    • Hello! There should be a button at the very bottom of the page, a blue box in the column on the left. You just click on that and then you’ll receive an email each time I post something. Hope that helps. Many thanks and welcome to the world of the chuffin cat! 🙂


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