Good morning, human staff member!Chuffin flower power

What?  Me?  Drinking out of your flower vase?  No, you must be quite mistaken.  I was just admiring the scent, whilst rearranging the flowers for you before you got up.

The flowers on the floor? No, that wasn’t anything to do with me.  You’re just not very adept at flower arranging, are you?

Yes, the water level in the vase does go down quickly.  Isn’t it amazing how much water these flowers need?  Very thirsty, these flowers.

Fur in the flower water?  Hmmm, yes there is.  Mind you, there’s fur in all manner of places in this house.  You should clean more often.

Why am I on the windowsill you ask?  Well somebody has to protect the house whilst you staff members are lazing in bed.  I mean, anyone could come and steal these flowers.  Where would we be then?

Thirsty?  Me?  Why would I be thirsty?

Anyway, now that you’re finally awake you can fill my food bowl.  You’ve neglected to feed me all night.  I might pass out soon through starvation.




Oh, and I’d put some more water in the flower vase too.
For some reason it looks empty.


6 thoughts on “Thirst

    • Ha, so she used to do you a favour then! Ethel doesn’t snap stems, she just throws the flowers on the floor if she can’t access the water in the vase. She’s not bothered about the variety of flower, all vase water is good. The only undrinkable liquid in Ethel’s world is that from her water bowl x


    • Mine drinks anything that isn’t in her water bowl … whether it be flower water, chocolate milk, stagnant puddle water … you name it, she drinks it. Inside or out. As long as it’s not in her bowl. Naughty fluff ball.


    • Yes, I know that problem only too well! Ethel knows the command “Off!” but she rarely obeys it … the very word makes her whinge and grumble, whiskers twitching and tail swishing. When faced with that festering attitude, it’s difficult to force her to move! I wear a lot of black – I should change my colour scheme to incorporate a mixture of orange, brown, black and white, then the fur wouldn’t show so much! Or if it did, I would look much more coordinated 😉


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