Ten Things to do in a Hospital Waiting Room


1 Tap out a tune using your foot on the floor and see how many people join in.

2 Watch the pattern the fluorescent lights make on a bald head. More than 1 bald person? Compare and contrast patterns.

3 Count the squares on the ceiling and practice a bit of multiplication.

4 Make pictures out of the stains on the carpet – a bit like cloud pictures on a summers’ day, but dirtier.

5 Listen in to other patients’ conversations and try to diagnose their ailments.

6 Play a game of elbow wrestling with the patient sitting next to you.

7 Place the skeleton models in obscene positions and see if anyone notices.

8 Turn the doctors’ names into rude anagrams; just remember to use the correct name when you eventually speak to them.

9 Count the seconds between each cough, belch, sneeze and fart.

10 Yawn loudly, then watch the ensuing tidal wave of yawns spread around the room – rather like a Mexican wave of gaping mouths.

A tidal wave of yawns...

4 thoughts on “Ten Things to do in a Hospital Waiting Room

  1. Tee hee Jen. I too spend lots of time in hospital waiting areas, one is not far ftom the entrance. So I can add number 11, look at all the oeopke coming in and going out. Try to guess their occupations, number 12′ same oeople but thise who have not a clue where they need to go, try to guess their final destination, i.e. Which clinic they need?


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