Ten Differences Between a 4 month old Baby and a 4 month old Kitten



Butter Wouldn't Melt...

Heh heh1 A baby won’t sit in the middle of your dining room table and lick its bum

2 Share your bed with a baby and it will lay next to you and coo at your face; share your bed with a kitten and it will be found having a loud party with your feet, under the duvet at the bottom of the bed

Ambush Mode3 A baby won’t hide behind the sofa and ambush unsuspecting humans as they nonchalantly amble past

4 A baby won’t take one sip of milk and then complain that the bottle is empty

Take enough photos and your kitten will learn to smile on cue5 Whilst a baby might cry when it is hungry, it won’t sit in the middle of the kitchen floor and shout, “HAM!” at the top of its voice each time you try to make a sandwich

6 A baby won’t sit directly in front of the television screen and slap the footballers on the head when ‘Match of the Day’ is playing

Feeling Hungry7 A baby might like to watch the raindrops as they meander down the window; a kitten will only watch for so long before jumping up and down on the windowsill and crash landing in your favourite plant pot

8 A baby won’t swipe a freshly baked bun off your plate

9 Place a small baby on the floor and chances are it will stay there; place a kitten on the floor and it will skedaddle in search of mischief. Or food

Never leave your kitten alone with your phone10 A baby won’t take selfies on your phone when you’re not looking

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