Things Gloria has discovered this week



1 If you push hard on the side of your water bowl, it is possible to flip the bowl up, give yourself a bath and wear the bowl as a hat.

And stretch!2 The shoulder of a human is a great place upon which to sit. Unless you fall off, in which case you can just dig your acutely sharp claws into their neck and hoist yourself back up. They will be so pleased to see this milestone in your development, that they will howl with pleasure.

3 If you insist on sleeping in your poo box, your cuddle quota may be reduced alarmingly.

Guzzling Gloria4 Too small to drink from the flower vase? No problem. If you place your little chunky paws either side of the vase, it is possible to rock said vase to and fro until it topples over. You may then lap up some of the water unimpeded, and dance in the puddle afterwards. Bonus!

5 Never underestimate the importance of sharing. To keep your human busy, drop a toy at their feet. They will pick up the toy, shout “Fetch!” and throw it across the room. This means that they want the toy back – humans are a bit dense at times. If you run after the toy, pick it up in your teeth to carry it back to them and deposit it at their feet/on their lap, it will make them really happy. In fact, they will keep throwing the toy for as long as you keep bringing it back. After such a burst of activity they will then need a nap.

How to sleep when your feet have had a growth spurt

7 thoughts on “Things Gloria has discovered this week

  1. I adore this. All are true’. But getting past the nasty bits (poo box naps etc), be proud, she has learnt so much. Clever, clever kitty Gloria. I lso suspect that you, Jen, have lo learnt a few things like .. How to circumnavigate the food bowl/litter tray/box etc. when trying to catch or divert said Gloria from harmful/disastrous exploits. Also to wear thick clothes where sharp claws are used as crampons, to take a nap at the sam time said cat naps.
    (Thoroughly enjoyed this post)

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    • Thanks so much, Evelyn 🙂 Yes, it’s a steep (but fun) learning curve for all of us – today’s lesson: Gloria has learnt that there is grub in the fridge; we have learnt to make sure that our kitten doesn’t have her front paw in the hinge of the fridge when we go to shut the fridge door… that was a close one! She does love her grub, and we don’t half love her 🙂


    • Ha ha. Just had a look at your Sammie the cat blog – looks like we have kittens of a similar age! I hear that Bengals are a lot of fun, and looking at your posts I can see why 🙂 Gloria is a Maine Coon, another breed full of character and cheekiness! I look forward to reading more about your Sammie 😀


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